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about me

I am a frecklebot.

I write, draw faces on things, spin around really fast and laugh my guts out with frequency… but I also get things done.

Professionally, my way with words has kept me in clean underpants and led me to really great gigs with some of the best brands going like CBC, Chapters/Indigo, SIRIUS Canada, Telus and Carbonmade. I was chosen as the writer for the CBCs Olympic Broadcasting Bid Campaign to the International Olympic Committee and I introduced a highly successful line of retro CBC gear that is still doing very well for the mother corp.

What can a frecklebot do for you?

I won’t make you a sandwich but I am available for freelance writing and editing gigs. I can write on brand like a mofo and spot typos and grammar wonks like nobody’s business. It’s kind of my thing. From copyediting to creative concepts, I love wordsmithing and am a bunch of fun to work with on projects. For realsies.