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Sunday is the day for driving around with no real set destination in my mind. I said to mine bearded driver, “Take me to the mountains and the animals!” and he did just that. He is a very good bearded driver. Yesterday’s Colorado animal spotting bounty came in the form of one young wolf sipping at a frozen water, one trotting coyote, two deer doing deer things and one GIANT herd of looooooovely pronghorn antelopes! There were about 100 of them and they just looked at me snapping photos of them like… are you going to be a problem? The answer is NO NEVER LIVE YOUR WILD LIVES I LOVE YOU.

PS I love love love love my new camera. I LOVE IT. These photos are straight out of the camera. Well, except I re-sized them a bit cos the originals are GIGANTIC. But still… my new snap machine makes me so happy. I will still be posting photos from California for a while to come. I am not sorry.



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